Soil Remediation

At Cleanfield Pty Ltd, we not only remove and dispose of deadly asbestos containing materials in residential and commercial buildings, we also have the capability and the know-how to remove asbestos contaminated soil from your home or site.

Depending upon the quantity of asbestos in the soil or the proposed land use, we can tailor a removal program best suited to your needs.

Options for abating asbestos from soil can include:

  • Hen picking soil by hand – This is most suitable when there is a minimal amount of asbestos (non-friable) in the soil or where the proposed use of the land allows the potential presence of asbestos to remain
  • Sifting bucket on an excavator – This method is suitable where larger quantities of soil to abate exist and there is non-friable asbestos present within the soil. Pending the presence of other solid inert wastes (brick, concrete, metal or timber) or the type of soil (clays etc) full remediation may be more practicable.
  • Mobile screening machines – These are great where you have sandy type soils, with minimal large pieces of solid inert waste. In conjunction with front end loaders, 100’s of m3 of soil can be abated per day. They are also great if re-use of the soil on site is important.
  • Soil Remediation and Disposal – Stockpiling soil for subsequent off site disposal is a good way to minimise down time on site. Although potentially the most costly out of all the options, its also the fastest way to get your project back on track AND once its gone, its gone. No more surprise discoveries of asbestos in your soil.

We are able to employ different combinations of the above methods to suit your requirements whether they are timing or cost related.

Feel free to give our experienced staff a call to discuss your project.

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