CASE STUDY Asbestos Cement Pipe, Cat C Contaminated Soils, Disposal of Fill with Rubble, Disposal of Asbestos in Soil


This is a job that has the lot. From removal and disposal of 500 lineal metres of underground asbestos cement conduit to the cartage and disposal of over 450 tonnes of Category C contaminated soils. With access to experienced operators, specialised sub-contractors and heavy duty equipment, nothing on this job was beyond our capability.

About the Job

The site was once home to a large CCA timber treatment plant. It housed many buildings, some of which were clad with asbestos.

Investigations into potential underground services on the site uncovered the presence of former asbestos cement Telstra Conduit (3.5 tonnes).

Hot spots of Category C contaminated soils (over 450 tonnes), asbestos contaminated soils (150 tonnes) and fill with rubble (3200 tonnes) were earmarked for disposal off site.


Nothing on this job could be considered a challenge due to experienced staff, availability of specialised sub-contractors and heavy duty equipment. Regular on-going site meetings with all stakeholders in attendance allowed this project to flow hastle free from start to finish.


Having the right people paired with the right equipment allowed us to perform our works hassle free with minimal downtime.


The project was delivered in a timeframe which made the client happy.

asbestos in soil
asbestos in soil truck
asbestos in soil removal

As well as smooth sailing from the beginning, our client was able to see where every single cent of their investment with Cleanfield Pty Ltd was spent. With each progress claim submitted, we were able to back them up with accurate and absolute supporting documentation substantiating all costs.